Eva La Rue Fine Jewelry Collection ~ Now Available!

Eva La Rue Fine Jewelry ~ Online Shop

The Eva La Rue Fine Jewelry Collection is now available!

About The Eva La Rue Fine Jewelry Collection

Eva LaRue, known for her roles in television sensations “CSI: Miami” and “All My Children,” is now launching her very own line of fine jewelry.

The Eva LaRue Fine Jewelry Collection is a story of spirituality and womanhood. Eva’s signature star, found in her logo and jewelry is representative of her journey through some of the worst times in her life, and back into happiness, peace and serenity. Every beautiful work of art in this collection is an anthem of triumph, fit for a Red Carpet or a day at the office.

Eva LaRue has spent years working to design a line that would speak to every woman. With elegance and fashion forward flair, this collection truly inspires women from all walks of life.

The Eva LaRue Fine Jewelry logo was a very important detail to Eva because she wanted it to be representative of the meaning and importance of the entire line. The lotus, an eternal symbol for beauty and purity makes the first bold statement. At the core of this lotus, however, is the beautiful nine pointed star. A signature of the Baha’i faith which finds truth in all the spiritual prophets of the world, it is truly a symbol for humanity. The color was inspired by the stone of new beginnings, Tanzanite. It is never too late to find the beauty of humanity and begin again.

The Story of the Spirit Star

The number nine represents “spiritual completion”, and the star is a symbol of guidance. It’s a way to remind myself to always be connected to my spirit, and make life choices that reflect that.

The Lotus Flower

Represents the throne of Buddha.


To view the collection, please visit Eva’s Online Shop.

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